By ashley

Before signing a record deal or any other contract artists need to make sure they understand EVERY SINGLE THING on the contract they are signing. There are many companies that are willing to take advantage of young artists or those they know will not read over the whole agreement. It doesn’t matter what you were told, the contract could mean something totally different.

Also even if you read the contract, it can be easy for terms to be hidden in small print, which could change your rights dramatically. It is highly recommended to have an entertainment lawyer or music lawyer present when you are talking to the company who is offering you the deal. As well as have your music lawyer read over your contract with you. They will help you understand your rights and what you are about to sign.

Artists getting taken advantage of is a pretty common situation that happens in the entertainment industry. Entertainment lawyers have lots of cases where artists come in to discuss a contract that they had already signed… and it is too late. You do not want this to happen because it could cause you to not make as much money as you should be making or could ruin your career completely.

Other Added Bonuses Of Hiring An Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers can also help you negotiate or offer suggestions for what else should be in the contract before you sign. Ideally, they could get you a better deal or could save you from a terrible mistake. They will be your safety guard and make sure everything on your contract is correct and to your liking. Another bonus of using an entertainment lawyer is they usually have connections in the entertainment industry and could find you a better deal than the one you are about to sign.

How Much Entertainment Lawyers Usually CostEntertainment Lawyer NYC

Entertainment lawyers usually charge an hourly fee or a percentage of the money value of your deal. Hourly rates may run from $200 and up. Make sure to find out any additional costs and if there is a retainer before settling down with your music attorney. The cost will also depend if you need them for one time use