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A contestant on the hit TV show “Biggest Loser” is facing a lawsuit from a Florida fitness company she represented. The company claims the woman got too fat to represent their firm. Although officials at the company stress that the suit is within the scope of employment law, the woman is fighting the allegations.

The company, FC Online Marketing, alleges the woman gained about 45 pounds after she was brought on as an employee of the firm. The woman was supposed to go visit about 15 of the company’s locations as part of an endorsement deal, but company leaders decided to cancel those appearances because the woman was supposedly too fat.

In addition to allegations that she gained weight, the woman is also accused of signing a contract with another employer, Anytime Fitness, while she was still under contract with FC Online Marketing. That move was in direct conflict with FC’s non-competition agreement, which the woman reportedly signed when she was brought on as an employee of the firm.

The woman has filed a countersuit of her own. She alleges FC never paid her for scheduled appearances. In addition, the woman’s countersuit alleges her likeness and name were used without her permission on a Web site that promoted the health benefits of kickboxing. The woman’s attorney maintains the TV show contestant did not gain any weight during her contract with FC. Moreover, she was incredibly excited about the scheduled appearances. FC officials prevented her from fulfilling those duties.

In this case, the woman could recover damages for lost income and a variety of other claims in connection with the weight-based discrimination. Scores of Americans are the subject of such harassment at work. If you have experienced problems at work because of inappropriate contractual agreements, contact a qualified employment attorney. These professionals can help you learn more about your legal and financial rights.

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