By Alexander Barthet

Listed below in no particular order are the top 5 posts on TheLienZone that were the most popular with our readers this last year. From the prevalence of drone use in construction to the dangers of continuing to solicit bids after a job has been awarded, from the value of having a Calc-u-lien to determining who owns those construction plans, all these posts had one thing in common. They educated the reader and made dealing with construction a little more understandable.

  1. Bid Shopping After the Project Is Awarded
  2. Calc-u-Lien: Every Contractor’s Indispensable Calculator
  3. Drones in Construction
  4. Copyright Your Construction Plans
  5. Construction Drawings: Who Owns Them?

We’re glad so many of you continue to read our posts. You can look forward to many new and timely topics in 2016. Read on!

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