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The past few years have been very good to Maytee Martinez, a Miami-based runway model. Not only has she starred on a reality TV show for Latina models, but she is taking advantage of the opportunity to compete in this year’s Top Model of the World competition. As the 21-year-old woman’s continues to accelerate, she will likely encounter a number of issues in the arena of entertainment law, including merchandising and endorsements.

Another recent accomplishment for this woman is launching a swimwear line. Of course, her young and successful career as a model will allow her to find a niche in the fashion design and merchandising industry. While continuing to build this product line, she will want to make sure her name is protected and any future negotiations surrounding this aspect of her career are conducted fairly.

Martinez may also be offered major product endorsement deals as her star continues to rise. This will provide her an opportunity to become a household name and develop a public persona. In fact, Martinez has said she intends to build her “own fashion empire.” As she follows through on these plans, she is likely to encounter a number of crucial business and legal questions.

Developing an identity is a vital component of working in the entertainment industry, so Martinez will likely be interested in protecting her image. Fortunately, there are legal measures that can help protect this important aspect of her career. The entertainment industry is, of course, very competitive and failing to seek the right advice and taking thoughtful action can prove to be quite costly.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Miami model Maytee Martinez on her way up the ranks,” Annie Vasquez, March 20, 2013

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