By Edgar Belaval


To help stave off the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to the CDC’s guidelines to use technology and equipment to keep workers separated, one of Miami’s construction technology providers, SmartBarrel, has implemented a new firmware version which transforms the SmartBarrel device into a contactless system.  Workers no longer need to touch the screen, but rather use the facial verification process.  SmartBarrel is working hard to limit cross-contamination and help everyone get back to work sooner.

SmartBarrel describes itself as “technology that automates the construction industry’s timekeeping process, helping to eliminate labor fraud which costs the industry some $80 billion each year.” Through its clocking device, it provides managers the ability to monitor projects and employees from any location, allocate tasks, daily timesheets, project overviews, and manage payroll. Additionally, it provides live project monitoring, and live weather station.


All Dry USA, a residential and commercial restoration and repair business based out of Boynton Beach, is shifting to providing deep cleaning and sanitizing services to offices, assisted living and nursing home communities, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, retail spaces, malls, schools and even public spaces.  All Dry USA has teamed with TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. to provide disinfection services utilizing SteraMist to treat facilities and institutions concerned with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

They can treat classrooms in under 75 minutes, and buildings under 10,000 sq.ft. in approximately 120 minutes. They provide coronavirus decontamination services to hospitals and assisted living facilities as well as commercial facilities, educational facilities, high rise buildings, veterinary clinics, doctors and dentist offices, movie theaters and countless other properties using SteraMist sprayers which employ Binary Ionization Technology.

How great to see clients modifying their products and services to better help our construction community deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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