By Kaan Back

Generally, when there is some sort of dispute between businesses or people the first form of defense is the law. A law is defined as a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority. If the law is too broad resulting in the dispute still not being settled, the case is usually brought to a court so it can be properly litigated. Over the past twenty years, technology has grown at a rapid pace and it has redefined where a majority of the work is accomplished nowadays. As a result of this technological shift, there had to be new laws added to help regulate what can and cannot be done on the internet. These new regulations are part of internet law which is the main form of monitoring acceptable behavior online.

What is Internet Law?

Internet law focuses on how legal principles and legislation govern the use of the internet in all its forms. The unique part about internet law is that it is not identified as just one field of practice. Instead, it is classified in sections by applying principles from several traditional fields to predate the internet. Each law group has different aspects of internet law that they represent and it changes depending on the internet law attorney you choose to represent you. Chase Lawyers has four areas of focus when dealing with internet law and are as follows:

Website Launch Services
● DMCA Takedown Law
● Website Infringement
● Unauthorized Content

-When launching a website there are some very important steps that are critical for website legal protection. Our legal team will first come up with a terms and conditions document along with a privacy policy document. This is done to prevent any legal action from taking place when dealing with copyright and original content on the website. Chase lawyers also offer proofreading services and language editing to ensure that your website is as clear as possible when getting the point across to the customers. Eliminating grammatical mistakes and misspelling results in a more professional website leading to more business.

-The next area of focus for our internet law attorneys is on DMCA takedown law. DMCA translates to the digital millennium copyright act and is the United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization. To sum it up, the DMCA protects content creators