By Kaan Back

Why Might You Need Professional Advice from Our Trademark Lawyers?

It can be a costly affair to build up your company’s or a product’s logo/trademark so that it is instantly recognizable. One must check all the relevant databases of lawyers in Miami to ensure that it doesn’t infringe upon an existing logo or all that effort and expense could end up being rendered useless. Engaging the services of a trademark lawyer who can carry out a comprehensive search and then help you register your unique brand can take all the stress out of the equation. Filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is a complicated undertaking that has many legal requirements. Using trademark or patent lawyers such as ours gives you a much greater chance of getting a positive result.

How Our Professional Trademark Lawyers Can Help You

A trademark and patent lawyer is able to assist you in many ways that far exceed simply the initial database search and application. New businesses need to be extra careful and should seek advice from experienced trademark lawyers before they waste too much money on a logo or brand where it might conflict with others. An experienced trademark lawyer Miami offers has access to databases that aren’t generally available to the public and can easily find any trademark infringements.

Experienced trademark lawyers such as ours are also able to give professional advice to help enforce your rights against any infringement. It’s not always clear when there has been an infringement and the specifics of law surrounding trademarks can get a little confusing. Trying to take a case to court, therefore, can be extremely costly and may never get resolved in your favor.

If your company has a website or sells its products online, you can bet that someone somewhere will have set up an alternative site that has a similar name. As per the Lanham Act, however, you are protected again such theft and in combination with The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), you have the right to start legal proceedings. With our experienced trademark lawyer to advise and help you, this can be resolved in the quickest time leaving you free to concentrate on running your company.

Benefits of Letting Our Expert Trademark Lawyers Help You

Patent and trademark law is a complicated area that can leave you in despair after you have already spent a lot of time,