By On behalf of The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.

A woman who had been employed by Einstein Healthcare Network is seeking financial compensation for wrongful termination from that company. Like many Florida workers, the woman believes that she suffered wrongful discharge after her employer violated the Family and Medical Leave Act. The woman claims that she was harassed by her supervisor because she wanted to take time off to care for her injured child.

The plaintiff alleges that she was denied the use of sick time to take her daughter to a physician after she injured her arm. That girl had been roller skating with the supervisor’s daughter when she injured her arm. After that incident, the problems simply escalated at the workplace, with the victim being denied workers’ compensation after injuring herself in an on-the-job fall.

Courtroom documents show that the woman was continually brow-beaten by the supervisor, who threatened her with disciplinary action because she took time off for illness. Two weeks after a serious meeting with human resources professionals, the woman was sick with a stomach virus. Her supervisor told her that she did not need to submit a physician’s note if her illness lasted less than three days. Even though the woman returned to work the next day, she was accused of violating company policy and then allegedly subject to wrongful termination.

The plaintiff’s attorneys argue that the woman was never given warnings because of her decisions to miss work for medical reasons. The victim is thought to have been victimized because she chose to invoke federal medical leave rights. Victims who have been unfairly fired because of illness may be entitled to financial compensation, and they could even get their jobs back. An employment attorney in Florida may provide additional support for these victims as they file civil litigation in local courts.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Fired administrative coordinator sues Einstein Healthcare Network for FMLA violations” Jon Campisi, Apr. 04, 2014