By Kaan Back

Why Might You Need a Music Attorney to Help with Any Legal Matters?

The entertainment industry is a large money-making machine that suffers from some of the worst legal issues. This holds especially true for musicians and signers. A music attorney, therefore, is often required in order to protect an artist against unlawful theft and to ensure that their songs are only used in particular forms. While the copyright infringement is a vital area for entertainment attorneys and music industry lawyers, they also ensure that the appropriate licenses are in order. They support an artist or music company with publishing, recording and distribution agreements and are involved in all areas of contract negotiations. In short, music industry lawyers ensure that every aspect of the law is strictly adhered to so that there are no issues down the road.

The Importance of Having a Good Entertainment Attorney

For a new artist or band that is starting a career in the music industry, having an experienced NYC entertainment lawyer is essential in protecting themselves. This doesn’t just mean copyright infringements to their music/songs but also all other associated intellectual property that a poor contract could steal away. Music industry lawyers specialize in all areas of law that are connected to the music business and should be consulted before any type of contract is offered.

A music attorney should be consulted as early as possible when starting a career in the entertainment industry and not just when a contract is offered. They can help in many areas from:

  • Initially sorting out the band partnership agreement; this specifies how profits and losses are split, how to admit or fire members and what rights you have to use the band name.
  • Registering your product at an early stage; i.e. band name, artist and logo. This is much easier to do before you become famous.
  • Explain what your intellectual property rights are in conjunction with music, performances, logos and designs.
  • Help with an online presence and guard against intellectual theft.
  • Ensuring that any contract offered has only your best interests in mind. There may be times when you will need to give away certain rights, but experienced music industry lawyers will always advise musicians/singers on the best course of action.
  • Starting any commercial relationship with a third party; this could be anything from having a website created for you or artwork on an album cover etc. it also gives you control on what anyone says about