By Alexander Barthet

Recent legislative changes allow contractors to perform work even if they are not certified and registered, but only in those localities where the local licensing ordinances do not also require them to be certified and registered. Therefore, contractors must be sure that they are in compliance with not only applicable Florida Statutes, but also with the license requirements of the municipality in which they are working.

According to Florida Statute Section 489.113(2), persons who are not certified and registered can perform construction work, if they are supervised by a person who is certified or registered and as long as the work is within the scope of the supervisor’s license. However, this section does not exempt uncertified and unregistered contractors from complying with local licensing ordinances.

For those persons performing construction work in Miami-Dade County, for example, Miami-Dade Municipal Code Section 10-2 requires them to obtain and maintain their license at the time of the contract and throughout the construction period. As a result, in Miami-Dade, even if a contractor is supervised by a person who is certified or registered, he or she still must have and maintain his/her own license from the beginning until the end of the contract.

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