By Chase Lawyers

When you write and perform songs for a living, there’s a whole plethora of reasons why you need to look into hiring a music business lawyer. Whether you need protection from unscrupulous types trying to make a buck by using your intellectual property unlawfully, or you need to make sure that you are working with a properly formatted music recording contract, you have to have a good lawyer who’s always on your side.

The Main Reasons to Hire Music Industry Lawyers

You might be under the impression that you don’t really need to keep in touch with music industry lawyers while you’re working in show business. However, this is a false assumption as it’s a cut-throat world in which you really need to be careful about your rights as a performer. Consider these 10 reasons why legal representation is practically mandatory in show business.

  • If you’re in a rock band that’s just about to make it big, you can probably imagine how many t-shirts there’ll be with your name plastered all over them. Make sure you register your band name as a trademark before you hit the big time and you’ll be thankful for it.
  • You need to get yourself an online presence aside from social media. If you’re serious about your career as a performer, you’ll have to officially register a website and frequently check for the existence of any fake versions.
  • When you’re so happy that you finally got a record deal, you need music entertainment lawyers to keep an eye on things to make sure that your contract is enforceable and fair.
  • Music entertainment lawyers are useful for explaining your intellectual rights as a creator. You have the last word about the use of your music in commercials and many other media types.
  • Lawyers can help you understand the extent to which you can take inspiration from other artists before it’s considered a breach of copyright.
  • When you have a website or logo made, you’ll need a lawyer to make sure that the rights to these things are passed properly from the creator to you.
  • A lawyer can help you to enforce your rights in other ways like protecting yourself from slander, false stories and much more besides.
  • If you end up being part of a dispute about who owns the rights to a particular song, logo or piece of merchandise, a top lawyer will take your side and keep you afloat.
  • If you need to negotiate