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Members of the Attorney Breakfast Club Discuss the Benefits of Joining

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Anne Morrissey Presents: Image is Power! Use It to Your Advantage!

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Monthly meetings attended by members, a moderator and a guest speaker provide a powerful forum in which lawyers can exchange what is working, what is not, strategies and ideas in a confidential environment with a dedicated group of other legal industry peers whose only agenda is to help each other outperform.

Speaking at the September  2013 Miami-Dade Meeting is Style Consultant, Anne Morrissey


Topic: Image is Power, Use It to Your Advantage! 

Here’s a preview for what Anne will cover:

No matter what business you’re in, you are first and foremost in the business of marketing YOU.  You are the product and the way you put yourself together from head to toe is your packaging.  The question is, what is your packaging saying about you, before you even open your mouth?  Probably not what you think.

The ultimate goal is to put yourself together in such a way as to express who you are, differentiate yourself from the crowd, and appeal to those that you ultimately want to attract. My presentations are about providing a fresh perspective on exactly how to do that,  because it’s difficult to be objective about yourself without guidelines that most people have no idea even exist.

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Attorney Breakfast Club and Orange Legal

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Attorney Breakfast Club President, Spencer Aronfeld, Esq. interviews Ervin Hechavarria and Julie Kurman with OrangeLegal regarding the types of services OrangeLegal provides to the Attorney Breakfast Club.

Orange Legal is one of the largest, and most successful court reporting and legal support agencies in Florida. For over 25 years, Orange Legal has been known for being the first to embrace the new technologies and tools that leading law firms and their clients need to ensure the results they desire.

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Don’t Let your Intake Process Damage Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line

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Tanner Jones of Consult Webs explains how to maximize profitably of your firm and how important the intake process is.

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Happy Lawyer, Happy Clients

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Happy Lawyer, Happy Clients: The 3 Steps to Building A Thriving Legal Practice by Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence, Learning to Communicate Dynamically and Creating Successful Relationships As A Lawyer.

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