By smashed_dev

For those who are outside of the creative arts, some may believe that the only reason for a literary lawyer is to battle copyright infringements upon the original creator’s work. While this particular task can certainly be aided by an entertainment law firm, the range of responsibilities and protections offered by a literary lawyer extend far past copyright. The further your work stretches, the more legal protection it and your brand will need. And unless you’re familiar with legal jargon and the technicalities of your industry, the wisest move possible is to retain the services of a lawyer to oversee your processes. Let’s go over the main points of why writers may want to consider legal assistance from an entertainment law firm.

Publisher Contracts

One of the most important services a literary lawyer can offer an independent writer is the expertise of analyzing a contract presented by a publishing house. As writers seek to expand the reach of their work, publishing houses are collaborated with to distribute their written products. Since the houses themselves will be utilizing their own law firm to oversee their contractual agreements, it makes sense for authors to step to the table with the same amount of protection. In this scenario, lawyers can help breakdown legal language so that writers can know exactly what is expected of them, as well as provide negotiations to ensure that writers are receiving their due compensation.

Copyrights & Royalties

As a writer’s work begins to spread, the probability of copyright infringement or dollars slipping between the cracks begins to rise. It’s imperative to set up the Entertainment Attorneystructures of your distribution properly before launching a title, however, it can be very difficult for solo writers to handle all of the sections necessary for total ownership. The job of an entertainment law firm is not only to provide expert level negotiations on behalf of your work, but they’re there to protect your intellectual property by maintaining your constitutional rights. In the world of social media where so many profiles choose to steal content in order to generate clicks, it’s especially important that your work remains tied to your name as closely as possible.

Another extremely useful service offered by an entertainment law firm is the careful examination of what royalties you may be owed overtime for your work. For writers