By Alex Barthet

A number of popular American Institute of Architects (AIA) documents actually expired in October of last year. This means that the 2007 version of A101, A102, A103, A201, A401 and B101 contract forms will not be able to be created or edited. This is because the AIA released its revised versions of these documents in 2017 and allowed 18 months for the transition.

This is important as AIA form documents have routinely been the agreements of choice for not only architects and owners but as well contractors and subcontractors. The revamping took place in 2017 to address both the economic and industry issues raised by construction professionals. Whether it is the more significant ability of contractors to require proof of an owner’s ability to fund a given project, the issuance of warrantees in the name of the owner, the requirement of contractors to submit lien waivers from subs and suppliers with their payment applications, or the establishment of a termination fee, these and other changes or now part of the base AIA contract forms.

Given how many custom contracts created by owners and contractors are modeled on AIA form documents, it is especially critical to review your agreements to see if you are now utilizing the most up to date terms and provisions. You might want to consult your construction lawyer or construction advisor to make sure you are on the right track.

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