After prosecuting DUI’s in Dade County, back in 1987, for the State Attorney’s Office, I have been defending them for over 20 years now. Historically the State Attorneys office has wanted to get “drunk drivers” off the streets and show a high conviction rate …that meant vigorous prosecution with little mercy for first time offenders!
Suddenly, within the last 4 or so months, the  Dade County.State Attorney’s Office has taken an about face. Now, first time offenders of misdemeanor DUI’s, where there is no accident and no children involved, are eligible for a program that will result in no DUI conviction.
HOWEVER, the CAVEAT is that people who may have a very legitimate defense that could result in the total dismissal of their charges, may forgo hiring a lawyer and just take the program. The program still leaves people with a reckless driving conviction, DUI school, and loads of fines and costs that amount to thousands of dollars!

Every person charged with DUI should sit down with an experienced DUI attorney and evaluate their case before making any decisions… for a free consultation, please feel free to call me. Scott Kotler, Office :305-461-3627. or go to my web site….