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Chase Lawyers is a “boutique” law firm specializing in sports law. Our Sports Law Attorneys are committed to protecting our clients’ rights, anticipating future problems, neutralizing unanticipated obstacles, and helping to clarify and achieve our clients’ goals. Our Sports Law Attorneys are equipped to handle a broad range of sports law issues including, but not limited to, athlete representation, endorsement and sponsorship deals, personality rights, endorsement agreements, book deals and sports memorabilia licensing.

Sports law

Sports law is a fast growing area of law which requires special knowledge and insight on the key issues that arise in the world of sports.  Athletes, coaches, managers, and agents all use Sports Law Attorneys to represent their interests in everything from contract negotiation matters to defamation suits. The complex nature of the sports law field requires Sports Law Attorneys to have expertise in a wide-range of areas of law in order to effectively represent and protect their clients’ interests. Sports law is a very expansive area of law as it encompasses an innumerable other areas such as contract, antitrust, labor, employment, tort, tax, intellectual property law and even criminal law. Because sports law overlaps with many other areas of law there is virtually no limit to the types of cases Sports Law Attorneys handle.

Under Federal Labor Law, athletes and team owners must negotiate mandatory issues like those relating to hours, wages, and working conditions, in good faith. As such, Athletic Contract Lawyers are needed to not only ensure compliance with Federal Labor Law but also to protect the interests of their clients. Since many athletes and sports figures are represented by agents who are entrusted to conduct business on their behalf, Sports Law Attorneys may be asked to evaluate the agent’s practices to ensure the agent is upholding their fiduciary duties.

As the sports industry has evolved, sports law and antitrust law have started to overlap even more. Antitrust law covers any laws intended to promote and regulate competition and enable our competitive economic system to function. Antitrust law has played a role in developing regulations, controls, and protections in the professional sports industry of today. Some of the major antitrust and labor relations acts regulating the sports industry include the Sherman Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914, the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 and the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

Athletic Contracts

Athletic Contract Lawyers typically review athletic contracts