By On behalf of The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.

An automobile parts manager in Florida is seeking financial compensation from his previous employer after he allegedly suffered from wrongful termination after blowing the whistle on unethical behavior. The man claims that he was fired from his position after questioning the behavior of the body shop manager at Lincoln Mercury of Lake Park.

The man’s employment woes began in May 2003, shortly after the man was hired for the parts manager spot. He reportedly discovered that the body shop manager was ordering new parts, ostensibly for vehicle repairs, but instead using older, used parts. Then, that man would return the new parts for credit, also receiving financial compensation from insurance companies for the installation of the new parts. When the plaintiff discovered the scheme, he reported it to his supervisor. Not only is such action against the ethical standards that auto mechanics should uphold, he said, but the parts replacement is also illegal. The issue was never resolved, even though the man reported the problems to his corporate headquarters in 2003 and 2004.

Then, the man was fired in 2004, with the company claiming that a reduction in staff was necessary. Interestingly, no other employees were let go at that time, though many left voluntarily because of ethical misgivings. The man attempted to find other work in the area, but he had difficulty because compensation was not commensurate with his experience. In addition, the man said he was disabled and unable to emotionally continue working; he then began receiving Social Security Benefits.

In this case, the man also filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The company had argued that lost wages were not due to someone who had already filed for bankruptcy, but a court ruled against the defendants. The man will be permitted to sue for lost pay, largely because the man claimed disability after he was wrongfully terminated. No matter what a plaintiff’s financial situation looks like, he or she can consider seeking financial compensation for wrongful termination. Qualified employment attorneys can help these plaintiffs learn more about their rights and responsibilities.

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