Most lawyers I know hate networking. My colleagues constantly tell me how much they despise attending the typical networking events such as a Florida Bar Convention, an American Bar Association meeting, or other large gatherings of lawyers, They find those events to be expensive, overwhelming, and very difficult venues for making meaningful contacts that can actually develop into lasting and profitable professional relationships.  

However, networking is an essential part of owning and operating a successful law firm.

The Attorney Breakfast Club is different and in many ways an ideal venue for the lawyer who hates to network; it is more like having breakfast with a handful of colleagues who share a desire to grow their practices. Around our breakfast table we find the owners of law firms or those with the decision-making power over whom their firms refer business to and accept business from. Moreover, since ABC limits membership to only one area of legal specialization per chapter, no competition arises between members vying for the same referrals. For instance, we have only one family lawyer, one criminal defense lawyer, and one immigration lawyer. To find out what seats are available now, click here.

The meetings are intimate–generally we share a large table–and fast. They start promptly at 7:30 AM and end by 9:00 AM, once a month. At each meaning we spotlight a member so we can learn more about each other by sharing and hearing our stories, professional aspirations, and philosophies. We have found that only in a setting like this can meaningful relationships of trust be built.  

In addition to the monthly meetings, we schedule events throughout the year, such as special test drives at TESLA, a fashion show at Neiman Marcus, or cigar tasting at Montecristo. We also encourage members to seek each other out individually throughout the month, be it for lunch, a drink after work, or a round of golf.

While face-to-face interactions are invaluable in this day and age, we understand the importance of a powerful internet presence, as well as the value of parlaying the enormous reach of social media. The ABC hosts a constantly evolving search engine, optimized to provide members a strong platform to exchange links and content to improve their own firm’s sites.

How to Make the Most of Your ABC Membership

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review studied effective networking techniques. The Harvard study found that one of the primary features of effective and successful networking is to keep in mind in advance of an event your primary purpose for attending it. The study included a law firm and found that lawyers who focused on the collective benefits of making connections (supporting their firms and helping their clients) rather than personal boons (helping their careers) felt more authentic and less dirty while networking. They were more likely to network, and accumulated more billable hours as a result.

We invite you to attend our next ABC meeting as our guest. Not everyone can join, as we have a thorough vetting process, but if you are interested in learning how you can start making valuable professional connections with members of our legal community –colleagues you can trust and who have the ability to send you business and take care of the clients you send them–come to our next breakfast.