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No matter the profession, when people are the owner of a product or idea, they seek to protect their idea. Implementing intellectual property rights is important to the creator. This not only ensures that their idea is protected but also guards against any copying or infringements. When another individual or company steals, misrepresents or unlawfully uses a piece of intellectual property, the owner has options when it comes to invoking their rights and penalizing them for the damages they caused.

A well-known street artist in Miami known as AholSniffsGlue recently filed a lawsuit against clothing retailer American Eagle for the unauthorized use of his artwork in their ad campaigns. The recent lawsuit was filed against the retail company due to the unlawful infringement of his intellectual property.

According to reports, the retail company used the artist’s signature droopy eyes in their campaign, and their misuse of his art led to his copyright complaint. No permission was given to photograph his work or copy it. Furthermore, he was not credited or compensated for the usage of his artwork in the ad campaign.

When artists believe that there has been an infringement of their intellectual property rights or there is a licensing issue regarding their copy written material, they have legal actions available to them. This could result in compensation for the damages caused by the infringement.

Having an issue regarding the misuse of intellectual property, the owner of that property has legal remedies available to them. Whether it was unauthorized or a breach of an agreement, the owner could file an infringement or copyright complaint. This could provide them with compensation for the damages incurred while also penalizing the individual or company responsible for that infringement.

Source: Miami New Times, “Miami Artist AholSniffsGlue Sues American Eagle Outfitters for Intellectual Property Infringement,” Carlos Suarez De Jesus, July 28, 2014