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Since 2005, one woman has been actively involved with the Miami sports scene, first as a cheerleader for the Dolphins and more recently as a dancer for the Magic. Although Tiffany Pearl is still connected to the sports world as an entertainer, she is using her talents a slightly different fashion. Recently, the National Basketball League announced they would be would be working with Pearl to launch a fashion-forward women’s merchandise line.

Pearl came up with the idea of “Miss Fanatic” when she saw a lack of apparel geared toward female sports fans. Her effort started out on a small scale with college athletics, but it quickly gained popularity for its unique designs. Now, her fashion merchandise is set for a major step forward.

In order to get this far at the young age of 28, Pearl has relied on her persistence and degree in fashion merchandising. She also noted that she had to do a lot of reading about creating contracts and licensing agreements on her own. Without the kind of knowledge typically needed to craft these legal documents, it’s not out the question that one or more parties may not be getting the terms that truly align with their best interests.

With the help of a contracts and entertainment law attorney, young entrepreneurs, athletes and designers can work to form business relationships that will truly help advance their careers.

It’s certain that an organization like the NBA has a team of attorneys representing their interests in merchandising and licensing negotiations. As such, it makes sense that the party on the other side of the table may also want to have someone to provide guidance.

Source: ESPN, “Cheerleader signs clothing deal with NBA,” Lynn Hoppes, May 16, 2013