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There are all sorts of things that can go wrong when you’re signing a long-awaited record deal with an experienced recording studio like those you find throughout Florida. Our Miami entertainment lawyer fully understands all of the potential pitfalls you can now avoid with their expert help and assistance. Discover the most important steps involved in getting a good record deal and learn how to get the right contract for your specific needs.

How a Miami Entertainment Law Group Can Help

When you’re on the verge of signing what appears to be a great record deal, you definitely need to seek the assistance of the finest entertainment attorney Miami can offer. Even the most pleasant and affable studio bosses are ultimately out to make a profit, and if this means giving you a poorer deal than you deserve, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll do it. Here’s how a personal lawyer can help with that:

  • Every lawyer within a Miami entertainment law group will be well-versed in intellectual property law. It’s their job to protect you and your work from plagiarists.
  • On the flip side of the coin, your lawyer will also defend you if you’ve been accused of stealing someone else’s work.
  • New York entertainment lawyers know all the ins and outs of record deals so they know a bad one when they see it. Your lawyer will guarantee that you only sign a deal actually worth agreeing to.
  • Your chosen lawyer will also make sure that you get the royalties you deserve according to your current status within the industry. Ultimately, it’s their job to get you a fair deal.

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Prepare Yourself in Advance

While your primary concern is to protect yourself and your rights throughout the signing process, you also need to keep to your end of the bargain and prepare a number of important things in advance. Make sure you have the following information on hand when you head off to the studio’s head office.

  • Recordings of your music that fits in with what the record label already produces
  • Pay close attention to your marketing strategies, including social media usage
  • Never forget to spend enough time on your logo and other visual materials
  • You may need a lawyer to help you set yourself up as a business entity before some labels will even consider hiring you

Know Your Rights

As a current or future star