By Santiago A. Cueto

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Our firm is currently assisting in the prosecution of an international white collar crime matter. The allegations read like a James Bond novel and are so outlandish that film rights are being discussed.
Like I said, this is interesting stuff.
The thrust of the case centers on an international financial  institution  that uncovered a would-be depositor’s scheme to launder money through a network of international banks.
While the case covers jurisdictions around the world, it speaks volumes of  how successful the United State’s aggressive anti-money laundering policies have been.
This is just one of many recent cases that demonstrate why  your international business must have an effective anti-money laundering (AML) compliance policy in place.  And if yours does not, I strongly urge your company to put one together as soon as possible.
 For anyone wanting to learn more about ALM, I recommend the  International Compliance Association and the excellent AML conferences organized by Academy Finance.
I chose to include the infographic below because it does such a great job of capturing the money laundering fundamentals: