By On behalf of The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.

A unanimous vote from the town of Medley, Florida, has settled a wrongful termination suit that had been filed against the town by two former police officers. The two officers had been fired in September after being accused of participating in a traffic accident cover-up.

The officers chose to file the suit in October, alleging the police chief did not have sufficient evidence or permission under the town charter to order their employment termination. Only the town council is permitted to fire police officers in the area; that much is stated in the officers’ collective bargaining agreement.

The officers had informally settled with the town several weeks ago, but the formal resolution was just passed on May 6. As a result, the settlement has a technical approval date of April 1. Part of the agreement hinges on the two officers’ promise to never work as police officers in Medley. The town will not be paying for any legal fees in connection with the settlement, and all of the suits will effectively be dropped. Representatives said they expect the officers to simply retire and go on their way.

Reports show the case had been an ongoing dispute, with attorneys filing documents not only for the wrongful termination suit, but also for access to public records that had been withheld. One other officer who had been implicated in the cover-up was not part of this settlement; instead, his case will proceed to arbitration.

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Source:, “Town of Medley settles lawsuit with former police officers” Theo Karantsalis, May. 08, 2013