By On behalf of The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.

A Florida man is facing allegations of sexual harassment after supposedly pulling a woman into a workplace bathroom and ejaculating on her leg. The woman had only been employed by the company, Florida Security Protection, for two days when she was allegedly accosted by her supervisor, who forced her into the restroom before exposing himself and pulling down her pants.

Official reports show that the man began to masturbate in front of his victim after disrobing. He allegedly ejaculated on the woman’s leg before releasing her from the restroom. The supervisor then offered to give the woman extra hours at work because he exposed her to the sexual harassment. The woman said she collected DNA samples from the incident.

The victim was eventually fired from her job. Officials at the company say that the woman’s termination had nothing to do with the masturbation incident, but her lawsuit claims do not agree. Supervisors at the facility claim that the woman simply was not doing her job, and so she was let go from the company. They declined to provide additional information to local media sources.

The company is also alleging that the woman fabricated the entire story. The firm, which provides armed officers and other private security services, denied the very existence of the lawsuit, a move that hardly helps representatives’ credibility; the suit has already been officially filed in Florida court.

It is not clear how much money the woman is seeking in connection with the allegations. Her sexual harassment and wrongful termination suit alleges that the woman was fired because of her gender, not because of her workplace performance.

The company in this case could choose to settle the woman’s claim before the suit ever gets to trial. Settlements are often beneficial for companies facing serious sexual harassment claims, especially if a significant amount of incriminating evidence is available. A settlement would allow the woman to get her money faster, while allowing all parties to avoid tedious courtroom procedures.

Source: Broward Palm Beach News Times, “Florida man ejaculates on employee’s leg in bathroom, promises her more hours, lawsuit says,” Terrence McCoy, April 5, 2013