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John F. Mulrey: Unique Selling Proposition & Guarantee

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Hotel Urbano
2500 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33129
Dina Aronfeld
John F. Mulrey: Unique Selling Proposition & Guarantee @ Hotel Urbano | Miami | Florida | United States

Most business owners don’t take the time to consider their selling proposition, much less attempt to make it unique. Yet the value of defining the USP is tremendous. Consider this: Most businesses market their products or services based on their internally focused view of what they are selling and what the product or service does.

You need to articulate what makes you truly unique when compared with your competitors and your guarantee needs to put the onus on you to do business in a way that gives your customers the confidence that their worst fears will not be realized when they do business with you.

In this training segment we focus on recognizing that purchase decisions are based upon both conscious and sub-conscious factors in our minds. The conscious factors are rational and objective. The unconscious factors must be present for us to at least consider purchasing. They produce emotional gratification. In a purchasing decision, emotional factors will trump the rational factors every time!

We will focus on several techniques to separate your business from the herd.

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