By On behalf of The Law Offices of Roderick V. Hannah, Esq., P.A.

A Florida firm is under fire from federal officials after administrators allegedly required company employees to practice Scientology. The company, Dynamic Medical Services, is facing a variety of accusations from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after compelling at least four employees to participate in the religious services. Two employees were allegedly wrongfully terminated because they refused to comply.

Official documents from the EEOC’s suit accuse Dynamic Medical of violating federal mandates by requiring employees to participate in bizarre religious rituals. Employees said they were forced to scream at ashtrays, for example, or stare at a single person for eight hours without moving. At least half of these workers’ days were consumed with Scientology activities, according to the suit. Further, one employee alleges that the company required her to undergo evaluation with an “E-Meter,” a religious testing device employed by Scientologists. She was subsequently ordered to undergo ceremonial cleansing at the Scientology church because of the meter’s results. Two employees who refused to comply with the religious ceremonies were fired. They are seeking wrongful termination benefits in connection with the case.

Federal law protects employees from being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Employers cannot require religious practices as conditions of employment, nor can they make employment decisions based on workers’ refusal to participate in religious rituals. All workers in Florida deserve to be protected from persecution based on their beliefs, no matter what their faith traditions might be.

Scores of Florida employees suffer workplace harassment and abuse each year. Whether they are persecuted for their religious beliefs, sexually accosted or punished for reporting unethical behavior, they are all undeserving victims of workplace law violations. Consider seeking legal assistance from a qualified employment attorney if you think your rights are being violated. Remember that you do not have to suffer through these ordeals alone; professional attorneys are available to help you get the money and relief you deserve from your unethical employer.

Source:, “Florida business forced Scientology on employees, feds assert” Alan Farnham, May. 14, 2013