By Alexander Barthet

Another die cast model truck we have shared with our clients is the ubiquitous white service van, used by so many companies for deliveries and repair calls. First introduced in 1961 by Ford as a compact van, it has had its own unique platform since 1968, including a double-wall cargo area making the van’s exterior less vulnerable to damage from shifting cargo. It was replaced this year by the new generation Transit compact series. A dependable part of many commercial fleets, the Ford E-series van has been regularly listed as one of the top 20 best-selling vehicles in the United States.

Dependability still counts, be it in choosing company vans or company advisors. We’re proud to say that we have never lost sight of that fact. That is why we have worked hard for more than eighteen years making dependability one of our hallmarks, allowing us to become the construction lawyers of choice for many of Miami’s and South Florida’s best known names in the industry.

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