by Spencer Aronfeld |

As I am sure you have noticed, my recent posts, newsletter, and press release has been centered on the Stryker hip replacement implant recall.  It is essential to me that those who underwent defective hip replacement surgery be compensated for their pain, time and money. This case has gotten personal.

When my mom needed hip replacement surgery, I suggested the Stryker Rejuvenate Implant.  Within a few months of her surgery, she developed complications: swelling, rashes, fatigue and severe pain.  Less then one year after her surgery, Stryker issued an urgent voluntary recall of her implant components because of reports of the corrosion and fretting of the metal-on-metal components.   My mother developed Cobalt metal poisoning.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), as a Miami personal injury lawyer I have experience in defective metal-metal hip replacements cases.  Currently I am suing Johnson and Johnson’s De Puy Corporation in Texas on behalf of a young man who has complications associated with his defective Pinnacle hip implant.

This past December, mom had to have another surgery and is still bedridden.  On her behalf, I filed of the first lawsuits against Stryker.  We filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey, where Stryker maintains their corporate headquarters. The lawsuit alleges that Stryker designed and sold a defective product that has caused her to suffer permanent physical and emotional pain.

Now, I am on a very personal mission to ensure that every patient who has been injured by a defective hip replacement receive the appropriate compensation for their pain and suffering.  If you have a client that has recently undergone hip replacement surgeries please have them contact me.  Let us fight this battle together.

Spencer Aronfeld |