By Chase Lawyers

Why Might You Need Professional Legal Guidance with a Celebrity Endorse Agreement?

Celebrity endorsement agreements are legally binding contracts that give a company the rights to use a person’s likeness, name, and reputation in order to promote their products or services. The endorsement deal contracts that get drawn up can be incredibly complicated with a lot of fine print. If you are not used to dealing with them, individuals may find themselves in the middle of an expensive lawsuit for changing any part of their appearance without prior agreement.

This is where having a specialized entertainment contract lawyer is vital for checking through any endorsement agreement or sports contracts before you sign. You wouldn’t want to be tied to a deal for a length of time where you have no control over it and you also will want to ensure that you get paid what you’re worth.

What to Check for When Signing a Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

When getting involved in any form of a legal document, it is always best to have experts on hand who can offer the right level of guidance to ensure your interests are protected. However, it’s not always possible for this to occur with game-time decisions sometimes playing a vital role when landing new contracts. You should at least have an understanding of these basic areas when taking the first look at agreements:

  • Title of the endorsement agreement: it should be clearly stated that it is between you and a certain manufacturer. It should be short and clearly identify both parties.
  • Description of the parties involved: Obviously one will be you but make sure you understand who has access to your name; deceitful companies may then try to pass this out to others if nothing is specified.
  • Terms of the agreement: When the contract comes into effect and when it finishes.
  • Any duties you may have to perform: There may be times that you will be required to attend certain events which are sponsored by the company you are signing to. Make sure these are clearly set out and convenient to your schedule, i.e. set a limit for how many hours will be required over a week.
  • Remuneration or compensation: Obviously, you want to be paid to endorse their product or services so make sure that the amount is written down in black and white on the endorsement agreement. This ensures there is no confusion on either side.

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