About Us

The Attorney Breakfast Club is the world’s first networking group created just for lawyers, to share ideas, contacts and build referral relationships. Each Chapter is made up of an exclusive group of most distinguished and prominent attorneys who meet monthly to focus on important matters facing them in the legal arena. They share top ideas, examine best practices, and are committed to each other’s success.  The Attorney Breakfast Club provides time-starved attorneys the opportunity to consistently gain fresh insight and experience from legal, marketing, adverting, and management experts to solve pressing matters of common interest. The Attorney Breakfast Club helps attorneys build strong referral networks as well as train them to manage efficiently and market effectively.  Our goal is to create a successful networking group that can make the difference between just getting by and prospering.

Membership Benefits:

  • Substantially increased referrals;
  • Tools to network more effectively;
  • Participation in up to 12 networking meetings per year;
  • Website presence and links to your existing website;
  • Educational material on networking, public speaking, and business;
  • Periodic workshops on networking;

And much, much more!!!